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Team RBN Spotlight – Kosta

Kosta, Cloud Solutions Engineer.  

What do you do here at RBN?

As a Cloud Solutions Engineer, I get to communicate with our clients and help design and implement cloud-based solutions more...

AWS Batch


The objective of this blog is to share with the public the excitement I found when doing a proof of concept with AWS Batch. I believe this platform can solve some interesting issues for batch style data processing workflows. If you'd like to view the POC now, follow this link to github: AWS Batch Example POC on Github. more...

Using a State Machine for Web Authentication in Angular

Login screen  

Login screens like our Angular view above are familiar to all of us. But how do you build one? Is it hard?

It’s not AS HARD as you think. You just need to understand a few fundamental things about tokens, roles, and the more...

Op-Ed: Does stronger typing lead to better productivity on large teams?

In this author’s opinion, yes.

In many enterprise applications there is an advantage to strong typing. Enterprises are often large operations with many actors. Ebay has many actors playing the role of development and deployment. So each actor will need to understand clearly how to maintain pieces of the enterprise software. Strong Typed applications have always ‘suffered’ from being be very verbose, at more...

Level Up on Your Cloud Knowledge with AWS Michigan

One of the more challenging aspects of building software for the cloud is keeping up with the innovation coming out of Amazon Web Services. It’s virtually impossible to keep your skills up to date on your own or to get more...

Team RBN Spotlight – Jason

Jason - Team RBN Spotlight December 2017 Jason- Software and Cloud Solutions Engineer

What do you do here at RBN?

I am a software engineer as well as a cloud solutions engineer. I have a strong development background, but after years of being exposed to and gaining experience using more...

Team RBN Spotlight – Tim

What do you do here at RBN?

Well, as the new guy here, I am spending much of my time learning about what we do, how we do it, and what makes us so good! more...

Triggering a Raspberry Pi Camera with Alexa

Thanks to the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), we can now interface with technology from anywhere on the planet, using our voices. What better way to put the technology to work than to create a remote camera trigger out of an Amazon Echo?  In this tutorial, I explain how to make a remote trigger that can trigger a camera from an AWS region, an internationally accessible cloud space on the Internet. read more...

Team RBN Spotlight – Jordan

What do you do here at RBN?

I help engineer and implement cloud solutions.  In human words, I assist customers in making their software run (and run well!) in the cloud.  

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Any sort of professional water-sport athlete.  If I could get paid to wake-board, jet-ski, and tube all day that would be great!  

What things more...

Team RBN Employee Spotlight- Tanya A.



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