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Mar 29 2016

Configuring and deploying AWS Api Gateway with CloudFormation and AWS Lambda

Tanya Atanasova | Software Engineer The releases of AWS Lambda and AWS Api Gateway have made serverless Microservice architecture possible and viable option in building cost effective web apps. Considering the price, 1 million AWS Lambda executions is only $0.20, a small web app can run nearly free in the Cloud. There is only one problem: AWS has […]

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Mar 23 2016

AWS and Azure: Answering the Quintessential Cloud Question

By Vito Brooks | Cloud Systems Architect In some ways, choosing a cloud provider can be as difficult as the decision to move to the cloud. Creating a shortlist is easy. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the two kingpins of public cloud. But choosing one cloud provider over another with confidence? That’s […]

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