Jan 29 2015

Why SaaS and Microservices are Critical to Developing in the Cloud

Jason Brown

As the quantity and quality of cloud services continue to grow, the number of cloud-based applications grows in lockstep. Based on its continuing cloud services research, analyst firm IDC predicts that “by 2018, about $1 of every $5 spent on packaged software, and $1 of every $4 spent on applications, will be consumed via the […] …

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Jan 20 2015

Deep Dive Into Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks

Vito Brooks

In July of 2014, without much fanfare, Amazon Web Services released one of its most valuable (and possibly underutilized) updates for its Auto Scaling service: Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks. Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks allow EC2 instances that are part of an Auto Scaling group to pause for a specified amount of time during initialization or [&helli …

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Jan 9 2015

Using Amazon S3 as a Hosted Yum Repository

Justin Wendl

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) has many use cases. As you may already know, one of those uses is hosting static websites. We can use this feature for hosting RPMs in the form of a Yum repository as well. This eliminates the need for a dedicated server for serving Yum requests from the local system. […] …

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Jan 6 2015

Keeping Secrets Safe With KMS

Derek DeJonghe

Amazon Web Services unveiled a new service during its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this past November. KMS (Key Management Service) is easy to use, inexpensive and provides a failsafe, additional layer of protection for your data. The uses for KMS are endless and the premise is fairly simple: KMS creates a Master Encryption Key […] …

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