Feb 29 2016

Top 8 Gotchas of Working with AWS Lambda

Jamie Begin

AWS Lambda is among Amazon’s cutting edge services designed to allow you to build microservices using serverless architecture. It’s an exciting technology (I’ll get to why in a second), but like being an early adopter of anything, it does require some patience. I’ve encountered a number of gotchas while working with AWS Lambda that I [&hell …

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Feb 8 2016

The Realities of Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Robert Evans

In the past few months, I’ve attended several technology conferences, presentations and MeetUps, and it seems that everyone is using “The Cloud” to deliver technology services to their businesses. But with so many definitions for the cloud, what are businesses really getting? What is the Cloud? Last week I googled “What is The Clou …

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Feb 3 2016

How to Find the People and Build a Culture for DevOps

Megan Green

Working in a DevOps environment can be exciting and satisfying for everyone involved. At RightBrain Networks, we totally get this. Our engineers find that the shared sense of responsibility, collaborative environment and fail-fast mentality foster creativity. On the business side, DevOps helps us improve the quality of our customer’s software pro …

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