Mar 29 2016

Configuring and Deploying AWS API Gateway with CloudFormation and AWS Lambda

Tanya Atanasova

The release of AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway have made serverless microservice architecture a viable option for building cost-effective web apps. Considering the price (1 million AWS Lambda executions is only $0.20), a small web app can run nearly free in the cloud. There is only one problem: AWS has not included AWS API Gateway […] …

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Mar 23 2016

AWS vs. Azure: Answering the Quintessential Cloud Question

Vito Brooks

In some ways, choosing a cloud provider can be as difficult as the decision to move to the cloud. Creating a shortlist is easy. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the two kingpins of public cloud. But choosing one cloud provider over another with confidence? That’s another story. There are a few issues […] …

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Mar 15 2016

RightBrain Networks Recognized for Growth, Success in Moving Companies to the Cloud

Jamie Taralunga

We’re so excited that we’ll just get straight to the point, We are a 2016 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Awardee!  This honor comes from the Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB), an organization that supports and celebrates entrepreneurs in Michigan! The award recognizes our innovative approach to enabling organizations in the …

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Mar 8 2016

Testing the Cloud to Validate Platform as a Service (Paas)

David Barnett

Developers and testers have traditionally left hardware testing to electrical engineers. However, an interesting thing happens when we deploy code in the cloud — we open ourselves up to a whole new area of testing by replacing hardware with software abstractions. Tools like Puppet, Salt and Chef have turned much of our hardware deployment and …

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