Jun 30 2016

Versioning, Branching and Testing Infrastructure as Code

Derek DeJonghe

Infrastructure management is evolving. Instead of provisioning hardware and tracking infrastructure in Excel spreadsheets, we can now interact with virtualized infrastructure resources in programmatic ways. Enter Infrastructure as Code (IaC). IaC allows us greater reliability and flexibility than traditional hardware. We can now treat the infrastru …

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Jun 28 2016

5 Ways to Ensure an Amazon RDS Migration Failure

Patrick Delaney

In my last blog post I provided eight tips to surviving a live database migration to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Today, I’m going to give you five ways (plus a bonus) to ensure your database migration is a failure. In other words, these are five common mistakes you should avoid if you don’t want […] …

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Jun 23 2016

Up and Running with the Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT

Ian DesJardins

Amazon Web Services (AWS) previously released its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, AWS IoT. This managed cloud platform brings IoT development, small device programming and automation to a totally different level. Not only does it provide everything you need to communicate to the devices around you, but it does so in a way that gives […] …

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Jun 21 2016

Anatomy of a Self-Healing App on AWS

Jamie Begin

One of the great things about the cloud is that it enables you to scale workloads so that you pay only for what you use. But another important benefit that doesn’t get quite the same attention is the cloud’s ability to self-heal. To get the most out of your applications running on AWS, you want […] …

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Jun 16 2016

8 Tips for Surviving a Live Database Migration to Amazon RDS

Patrick Delaney

There are a lot of benefits to migrating an on-premises database to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). I’ve found that RDS is much easier to operate than MySQL or PostgreSQL. RDS makes it easier to manage multiple databases, the interface is easy to use, it has a good API, and it maintains good uptime. But […] …

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