Nov 17 2016

Guide to Amazon QuickSight, Part 1: An Introduction

Derek DeJonghe

The latest addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool called Amazon QuickSight. Built directly into AWS, QuickSight makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis and quickly get business insights from your data. We think QuickSight will take the market by storm because of its feature set, pricing and …

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Nov 1 2016

FAQs: RightBrain’s Managed Cloud Services, Cloud Success

Robert Evans

The cloud has changed many things. One of those is managed services. If architected correctly, your cloud infrastructure should be self-healing and scale automatically, adjusting to load demands without any human intervention. There shouldn’t be any need for traditional (read: outdated) managed service plans that focus on individual servers and t …

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