Mar 15 2016


Jamie Taralunga

We’re so excited that we’ll just get straight to the point, We are a 2016 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Awardee!  This honor comes from the Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB), an organization that supports and celebrates entrepreneurs in Michigan! The award recognizes our innovative approach to enabling organizations in the …

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Mar 8 2016

Testing the Cloud to Validate Platform as a Service (Paas)

David Barnett

David Barnett | Senior Software Engineer Developers and testers have traditionally left hardware testing to electrical engineers. However, an interesting thing happens when we deploy code in the cloud – we open ourselves up to a whole new area of testing by replacing hardware with software abstractions. Tools like Puppet, Salt and Chef have t …

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Feb 29 2016

Top 8 Gotchas of Working with AWS Lambda

Jamie Begin

By Jamie Begin | Founder and CTO AWS Lambda is among Amazon’s cutting edge services designed to allow you to build microservices using serverless architecture. It’s an exciting technology (I’ll get to why in a second), but like being an early adopter of anything, it does require some patience. I’ve encountered a number of gotchas […] …

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Feb 8 2016

The Realities of Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Robert Evans

Rob Evans | Director of Technical Operations In the past few months, I’ve attended several technology conferences, presentations, and meetups, and it seems that everyone is using “The Cloud” to deliver technology services to their businesses.  But with so many definitions for the cloud, what are businesses really getting? What is The …

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Feb 3 2016

How to Find the People and Build a Culture for DevOps

Megan Green

Megan Green | Office Manager Working in a DevOps environment can be exciting and satisfying for everyone involved. At RightBrain Networks, we totally get this. Our engineers find that the shared sense of responsibility, collaborative environment and fail-fast mentality foster creativity. On the business side, DevOps helps us improve the quality of …

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Jan 13 2016

Top Five Objections to Going Cloud Native


Everyday our team here at RightBrain Networks encounters a number of objections to going cloud native. More often than not, these objections are ill founded. Given the significant advantages of building an application for the cloud infrastructure it runs on, we think it’s unfortunate that any company should let these objections get in their way. …

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Dec 14 2015

Migrating to Aurora

Patrick Delaney

Patrick Delaney | Site Reliability Engineer Those looking for a solution to alleviate performance and resource issues with their data tier should consider Amazon RDS’ Aurora to be a viable option. While the benefits laid out from the AWS marketing team are straightforward and have general appeal, I’d like to take some time to explain j …

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Nov 6 2014

Building Highly Reliable Deployments


By Vitorrio Brooks One of the advantages of running your application on a mature public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, is the built-in redundancy and high-availability provided by its services. From the ability to deploy to multiple regions and data centers to the native redundancy of its services and virtual resources, AWS provides a [&hellip …

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Feb 9 2012

4 Non-Obvious Tips When Developing with Credit Card Gateways

Jamie Begin

I’ve been working with credit card payment gateways as a web developer since 1997, when I built an e-commerce website for a small computer store. It’s a complex industry with myriad fees intentionally obscured behind various jargon. I’ve picked up on some of it along the way, but didn’t really start to get a solid […] …

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Feb 4 2010

Adding a “disable” feature to the Ajax.Autocompleter

Jamie Begin

Scriptalicious’s Ajax.Autocompleter control is pretty cool. It allows a developer to add a drop-down auto-completion feature to an input box with one line of Javascript and a single div tag in the HTML. However (surprisingly), it doesn’t provide a means to turn off the autocompletion feature once it’s attached it to the target tex …

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