May 24 2016

AWS Lambda Tutorial: Playing Math Games with Lambda

Crystal Bedell

One of the things our software engineers like about building applications in the cloud is that there’s always something new to learn. Unfortunately, there’s always something new to learn, and (let’s face it) tutorials can get downright boring when you have a job to do. With that in mind, RightBrain Senior Software Engineer David Barnett [&hel …

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Mar 29 2016

Configuring and Deploying AWS API Gateway with CloudFormation and AWS Lambda

Tanya Atanasova

The release of AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway have made serverless microservice architecture a viable option for building cost-effective web apps. Considering the price (1 million AWS Lambda executions is only $0.20), a small web app can run nearly free in the cloud. There is only one problem: AWS has not included AWS API Gateway […] …

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