Mar 29 2017

Meet Our Team – Michael G.

Amy Begin

What do you do here at RBN? I work as Director of Software Engineering.  I lead our team of programmers into the forays of web app development!  I spend time researching and prototyping new technologies to ensure we’ve always on the cutting edge and using the latest and greatest.  I design and architect our applications, […] …

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Feb 20 2017

Meet Our RBN Team – Ryan T.

Amy Begin

What do you do here at RBN? I am a Cloud Solutions Engineer. I work closely with clients through operational concerns during migrations to the cloud and AWS or greenfield cloud-ready development. Frequently, I find myself examining applications for suitability for autoscaling, helping decompose existing applications from a monolithic design to micr …

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May 13 2016

RightBrain CEO’s Interview with the Michigan Business Network

Crystal Bedell

As a recipient of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award, RightBrain CEO Jamie Begin was interviewed by the Michigan Business Network. During the four-minute interview, Jamie talks about his professional history and how RightBrain Networks has grown from being an early adopter of cloud computing to a rapidly growing cloud consulting firm helping …

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Jan 29 2015

Why SaaS and Microservices are Critical to Developing in the Cloud

Jason Brown

As the quantity and quality of cloud services continue to grow, the number of cloud-based applications grows in lockstep. Based on its continuing cloud services research, analyst firm IDC predicts that “by 2018, about $1 of every $5 spent on packaged software, and $1 of every $4 spent on applications, will be consumed via the […] …

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