Aug 18 2016

Tutorial: How to Extend AWS CloudFormation with Lambda

Derek DeJonghe

AWS CloudFormation is an amazing infrastructure management tool that allows you to define requests for resources in a domain-specific templating language. CloudFormation has built-in binary logic within the template in the form of Condition Functions. Nearly every resource in AWS can be defined in CloudFormation, but there is an occasional resource …

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Jun 30 2016

Versioning, Branching and Testing Infrastructure as Code

Derek DeJonghe

Infrastructure management is evolving. Instead of provisioning hardware and tracking infrastructure in Excel spreadsheets, we can now interact with virtualized infrastructure resources in programmatic ways. Enter Infrastructure as Code (IaC). IaC allows us greater reliability and flexibility than traditional hardware. We can now treat the infrastru …

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Mar 29 2016

Configuring and Deploying AWS API Gateway with CloudFormation and AWS Lambda

Tanya Atanasova

The release of AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway have made serverless microservice architecture a viable option for building cost-effective web apps. Considering the price (1 million AWS Lambda executions is only $0.20), a small web app can run nearly free in the cloud. There is only one problem: AWS has not included AWS API Gateway […] …

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Oct 31 2014

CloudFormation Zen: Nested Stacks

Derek DeJonghe

Nested stacks are a great way to organize your CloudFormation. However, in order to reduce stress, lower cloud costs and improve time to market, you must modularize your templates. Nesting highlights the importance and agility of modularized templates. Imagine having a nested stack that referenced the same template for three separate stack resource …

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Oct 14 2014

AWS CloudFormation: Quick Tips

Justin Wendl

If you’re building infrastructure on Amazon Web Services, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the benefits of using AWS CloudFormation and utilizing version control to keep track of infrastructure. AWS CloudFormation is a JSON-templated document that allows you to define the resources you intend to create within Amazon Web Services, thereby …

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Oct 7 2014

Lessons in Elasticsearch

Ryan T.

Elasticsearch and EC2 are well suited for each other in production deployments. However, there are a couple of considerations to heed when setting up your Elasticsearch cluster. Below are three high-level lessons that our team learned deploying Elasticsearch to Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. If you have a basic understanding of Elasticsearch the …

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