Feb 7 2017

Introduction to ES6 and Angular 2

Adam Goodnight

Some time ago, after Adobe Flash had fallen to the forces of the open source army, many veterans of Flash such as myself found a home in JavaScript. From the perspective of a designer/Flash-type person, I am here to tell you why Angular 2 makes life easier in the world of web applications and why […] …

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Dec 19 2014

The Death of jQuery


People new to web development often turn to jQuery to help them learn to write interactive web pages. The story was no different for me. I have fond memories of using $(document).ready() as a new developer and finding a dollar sign about every ten lines of code. For those unfamiliar with writing JavaScript code, the […] …

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Feb 4 2010

Adding a “disable” feature to the script.aculo.us Ajax.Autocompleter

Jamie Begin

Scriptalicious’s Ajax.Autocompleter control is pretty cool. It allows a developer to add a drop-down auto-completion feature to an input box with one line of Javascript and a single div tag in the HTML. However (surprisingly), it doesn’t provide a means to turn off the autocompletion feature once it’s attached it to the target tex …

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