May 24 2016

AWS Lambda Tutorial: Playing Math Games with Lambda

Crystal Bedell

One of the things our software engineers like about building applications in the cloud is that there’s always something new to learn. Unfortunately, there’s always something new to learn, and (let’s face it) tutorials can get downright boring when you have a job to do. With that in mind, RightBrain Senior Software Engineer David Barnett [&hel …

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Feb 29 2016

Top 8 Gotchas of Working with AWS Lambda

Jamie Begin

AWS Lambda is among Amazon’s cutting edge services designed to allow you to build microservices using serverless architecture. It’s an exciting technology (I’ll get to why in a second), but like being an early adopter of anything, it does require some patience. I’ve encountered a number of gotchas while working with AWS Lambda that I [&hell …

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Apr 20 2015

Developers Can Use CI to Avoid Integration Hell in the Cloud

Jason Brown

Developing for the cloud means embracing new processes that streamline each step, from initial design to eventual deployment. If you’re used to agile development and a DevOps environment, switching to cloud should feel natural. If you use traditional development practices and habits (longer development cycles and building monolithic applications …

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Jan 29 2015

Why SaaS and Microservices are Critical to Developing in the Cloud

Jason Brown

As the quantity and quality of cloud services continue to grow, the number of cloud-based applications grows in lockstep. Based on its continuing cloud services research, analyst firm IDC predicts that “by 2018, about $1 of every $5 spent on packaged software, and $1 of every $4 spent on applications, will be consumed via the […] …

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