Feb 20 2018

Op-Ed: Does stronger typing lead to better productivity on large teams?

Adam Goodnight

In this author’s opinion, yes. In many enterprise applications there is an advantage to strong typing. Enterprises are often large operations with many actors. Ebay has many actors playing the role of development and deployment. So each actor will need to understand clearly how to maintain pieces of the enterprise software. Strong Typed applicati …

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Mar 31 2015

Implementing a Source Control Branching Strategy

Jason Brown

A branching strategy is the methodology employed by a developer or group of developers for using the same source control repository. A solid branching strategy can mean the difference between a smooth, seconds-long integration of a new feature and several hours spent in frustration untangling a horrific mess of merge conflicts. Several clients rece …

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Feb 23 2015

Amazon Web Services and Go: Feel the Love


By Trey Tacon My co-workers teased me a bit when they found out I was blogging about Go once again. I’ve been singing its praises for a few years now because I personally believe it is the programming language of the future. But I’m not alone. Amazon Web Services is feeling the love and just […] …

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