is an international community where people enjoy music/videos together in a socially interactive environment. With a large number of concurrent users synchronously listening at any given time, relies heavily on a well-built application and the scalable infrastructure to support it.

Just two years after conceiving the site, founders Steven Sacks, Alex Reinlieb, and Jason Grunstra were excited by’s early success. In order to keep up with increasing traffic, the application required infrastructure that could heal itself quickly and scale up flexibly to meet demand.

The RightBrain Networks team built infrastructure that was more reliable and scalable than the existing platform, meeting’s challenge of providing nearly 100% up time to its fast growing community.

RightBrain was also able to make recommendations about which Amazon Web Services tools were a best fit for’s application. This included a CDN service that provided seamless, efficient loading of the site’s trademark, stylish animation to its fans around the world. In addition, by leveraging Amazon’s auto-scaling features, RightBrain was able cut’s infrastructure costs by automatically adding and removing servers to accommodate traffic.