Work Smart in the Cloud

Running your business in the Cloud means faster product improvements and releases and a better customer experience. Get everyone in your organization closer to your customers by deploying the right Cloud-based tools and resources.

RightBrain Networks can provide your team with a battle-tested strategy to bring your cloud initiatives from whiteboard to reality. Then we’ll build and manage your applications and infrastructure as well as transfer our knowledge to your team.

We Build Awesome

We engineer our SaaS products to immediately scale up or down in response to fluctuations in traffic and self-heal to withstand the failure of a single instance, data center or an entire region. We can also SaaS-Enable your existing applications to work efficiently in the Cloud.

Our applications are currently protecting ecosystems in the Great Lakes, helping law enforcement categorize evidence and tracking professional atheletes’ performance on the field.

Pick our brains today and be unstoppable tomorrow:

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