Rebooted… again.

I’ve been half-heartily blogging for a few years now. Every so often I’ll get the urge, write something, and then leave it untouched for months. I’d be loath to come back to the blog because it felt that I somehow let the Internet down by not writing more frequently. As silly as that sounds, it seems to be a pretty common feeling/trend among bloggers. All the experts urge to post at least once a week, hopefully even daily. It’s an attempt to remain relevant in our Twitter-fueled world, it seems.

But this is an attitude that I’ve recently come to regard as misguided. It was reading this post at reddit (written by the Internet-famous Maddox) that really cemented this observation for me. People are inundated with “what’s new!” nearly 24/7 nowadays. Being topical is no longer as important as it used to be because everyone is topical. So I’ve chosen to focus this blog on quality rather than quantity.

I’ll eventually get around to importing some of my more popular old blog posts from backups. But until then, please enjoy my leisurely-written new posts. 🙂