FAQs: RightBrain’s Managed Cloud Services, Cloud Success

The cloud has changed many things. One of those is managed services. If architected correctly, your cloud infrastructure should be self-healing and scale automatically, adjusting to load demands without any human intervention. There shouldn’t be any need for traditional (read: outdated) managed service plans that focus on individual servers and their costly, time-consuming diagnostics.[pullquote]Looking for a job in cloud computing? We’re hiring a Software Engineer (Cloud) and Cloud Solutions Engineer.[/pullquote]At RightBrain Networks, we know the cloud inside and out. The applications we build on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure pretty much run themselves. But that doesn’t eliminate the need for continuous innovation and automation. Amazon and Microsoft are constantly releasing new services and capabilities. When used properly, they can help reduce cloud costs while improving your application’s availability and reliability. That’s why we’ve reimagined managed services for a SaaS-based world. We call it Cloud Success.

What is Cloud Success?

Cloud Success is RightBrain’s unique approach to managed cloud services. It’s not your typical break-fix service plan but rather an ongoing engagement in which our engineers and architecture consultants manage, monitor, advise and improve your application stack in the cloud. With a focus on your business outcomes and objectives, we look for the best ways to leverage new AWS/Azure services for continual service improvement, continuous innovation and architectural optimization.

Why do customers select RightBrain to manage their AWS deployments?

RightBrain Networks consulted with AWS in development of the Managed Service Partner program and was amongst the first service providers to be certified. As such, RightBrain is skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and delivers value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation and management of the customer’s environment.

In order to maintain the AWS Managed Service Partner designation, we must meet rigorous program requirements, including an annual third-party audit of our AWS Managed Service capabilities.

Why do customers select RightBrain to manage their Azure deployments?

RightBrain Networks is a Microsoft Azure partner with a Silver Cloud Partner Competency. This Competency is reserved for partners who specialize in delivering infrastructure and SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure and who demonstrate that expertise through a rigorous technical assessment.

What are the advantages for customers who purchase Cloud Success from RBN?

Cloud Success is a proactive partnership between RightBrain Networks and the customer. Our goal is to understand your business objectives and offer new ways to drive your business forward in the cloud while saving you money.

Companies initially come to us because they lack the skills required to successfully build cloud infrastructure or migrate their existing application stacks to the cloud. But when the project is over, someone must continue to manage the deployment, especially the infrastructure components of the stack. That’s why we give every customer direct access to the same engineering team that helped build/migrate the application stack to AWS or Azure. Because we take a DevOps-centric approach to everything we do, we understand your environment and how application changes impact the infrastructure.

Do I have to stay with RightBrain indefinitely?

We know that some customers want to manage their own cloud deployments. After all, the cloud is here to stay. We are happy to transfer knowledge about your deployments so that you can move future workloads yourself. In addition, our Master Services Agreement offers a 30-day termination notice for customers who are comfortable with their skills in the cloud.

Who owns the account?

You. You always own your account and have the freedom to move to another managed service provider or to purchase direct from AWS or Microsoft.

Will it cost more to purchase AWS or Azure services from RBN?

No. We pass the pay-as-you-go pricing for all cloud services and support directly to you.

How can I learn more?

Call us at (800) 931-8354.