The Benefits of Working at RightBrain: More than a Cloud Job

It’s a New Year, which means new goals. At RightBrain Networks, we’re thinking about the certifications our engineers will earn, the conferences we’ll attend and how much we plan to grow. If your goals include a career in cloud computing, we might be the place for you.

In the past three years we’ve grown 400%, and we have high aspirations for 2017. The demand for cloud development services is big—and we could use some help! We currently have job openings for a Software Engineer (Cloud) and Cloud Solutions Engineer.[pullquote]We’re hiring a Software Engineer (Cloud) and Cloud Solutions Engineer.[/pullquote]We know cloud job titles are in high demand, and simply waving the cloud banner isn’t enough to attract top talent. So, why apply to RightBrain? When CEO Jamie Begin launched RightBrain, he wanted to build the type of company that he would enjoy working at. It turns out, he was on to something.

Last year Michigan Celebrates Small Business named us a 2016 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch awardee. We were also awarded Crain’s 2016 Cool Places to Work in Michigan for the second time in a row, and we ranked No. 250 on the Inc. 500. While we’re incredibly proud of these awards, we take even greater pride in what our own people have to say about what it’s like working at RightBrain Networks.

Here’s some of the (anonymous) feedback we gathered for one of our award applications:

“Allows everyone in the organization to have a voice. Makes work fun. Focuses on technological advancements and improving the skills of every individual in the organization.”

“Culture, culture and culture, one of the only reasons I work here. The owner has created and maintained a culture in this workplace that you just can’t find anywhere else. With minimal overhead, lots of engineers (the owner being one of them), knowing everyone in my company on a personal level, I can literally say everyone I work with is awesome which I don’t believe most people can do.”

“Even though RBN is growing, it still places emphasis on being a tight-knit group of individuals. The environment facilitates healthy communication and discussion where everyone’s thoughts and opinions are heard and valued. We all help enable each other to succeed. We are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas, rather than being sectioned off in cubicles. My contributions are recognized and impactful to other individuals and the company itself.”

“It’s a group of good people, talented people, given the freedom to innovate and operate at the bleeding edge of IT and software development.”

“We are doing really cool, cutting edge stuff for our clients. We’re unique in what we do, and are riding the wave of success. It has been a really exciting ride. We pride ourselves in our company culture. Everyone here genuinely gets along and that is awesome. Everyone here knows that everyone else is smart in different ways and we all work well together.”

“The opinions and feedback of employees is welcomed and often implemented by management and department heads who keep an open-mind and an open-ear. Employees have a voice in the day-to-day and often the long-term goals and objectives due to an open and inviting atmosphere and a culture of collaboration and innovation which is cultivated by company leadership.”

We could go on and on… but we won’t, because we’d like to hear from you. Complete an application, and let us know in the comments what your career/skills goals are for 2017.