Join Us for an Introduction to IoT Concepts and Architecture

Ready to dive into the Internet of Things (IoT), but don’t know where to start?

[pullquote]Join us on Thursday, March 30, when our very own Patrick Delaney takes a short dive into IoT concepts and architecture.[/pullquote]

Following his introduction to IoT concepts and architecture, Patrick will demonstrate some of those concepts in the form of a ‘Twitch Plays’ style Super Nintendo game. All attendees will participate in attempting to share a single controller to play a game. If you can’t join us at our Ann Arbor office at 6:45 p.m. Eastern, you can observe the fun via live webcast.

Register to join us for this AWS Michigan MeetUp, and in the meantime, get a quick sneak peek of Patrick’s presentation in this Q&A:


Why should developers care about the IoT?

Open-source and low-cost μC’s make embedded programming accessible.


Who is the ideal attendee for your presentation?

No technical skills required to appreciate the premise. If you’re coming to learn about what AWS has to offer from a business perspective, I’m afraid you’ll be sorely disappointed.


What are some of the concepts you’ll cover in your upcoming presentation?

MQTT and coping with a room full of people all working against each other to accomplish the same task.


What do you hope attendees learn from your presentation?

IoT has endless practical, and impractical (and downright silly) use cases.