The Benefits of SaaS Transformation for Software Companies

For software vendors, a SaaS transformation is truly that—a transformation. Everything within the company is impacted by the change: sales and marketing, customer relations, investors, customer support and, of course, product development. It can be overwhelming, particularly if your IT staff lacks the necessary skills to move applications to the cloud. So, is it worth it? Let’s look at the benefits of SaaS transformation for software companies.

Benefit #1: Increase revenue

Your customers know well the benefits of SaaS solutions compared to on-premises software. That’s evident by the IDC cloud market forecast. In fact, many are adopting a cloud-first policy. In order to stay competitive, you must move your software products to the cloud. However, as new businesses pop up and look only to the cloud for their software solutions, your potential market grows.

Benefit #2: More opportunities for innovation

Fully-modern SaaS software entails less operational overhead, which means your people can focus on what they know best: the business. Moving your software products to the cloud will enable you to drive innovation throughout the product organization by focusing on business value executed through fully-modern SaaS software.

Benefit #3: Reduce time-to-market

A SaaS transformation includes process transformation. Your product development team will become more efficient through test, development and deployment automation. As a result, you’ll be able to get entirely new software products as well as updates and new product capabilities to market faster.

Benefit #4: Increase customer satisfaction

When customers adopt SaaS solutions, they’re no longer responsible for the infrastructure. Instead, the onus is on you—the vendor. This is a prime opportunity to increase customer satisfaction in your product by improving application performance and uptime. A fully redundant, self-healing infrastructure powered by the best-value hybrid or native cloud platform will help you ensure that customers see better performance and uptime than they can get from most on-premises deployments.

Benefit #5: Reduce costs  

Your customers aren’t alone in their ability to reduce costs by moving to the cloud. Software vendors can also slash data center costs by switching to the “pay as you go” model of the public cloud and eliminating the need to invest in hardware. Your operational costs will also decrease through improved efficiencies and process automation.

Given the extent of a SaaS transformation, it’s important that you don’t lose site of the benefits. At RightBrain Networks, we help software vendors transform their business model to optimize the benefits of a SaaS transformation. To learn how we can help you, call us at (800) 931-8354.