How to Move to the Cloud When You Don’t Have the Skills or Time to Train

If you’re having a hard time hiring for your cloud computing projects, rest assured you’re not alone. In its 10th annual IT Skills and Salary Survey, Global Knowledge found that cloud computing is the top tech interest area for companies around the world. It’s no wonder then that 28% of respondents said they are having a hard time finding qualified cloud computing talent.

According to Global Knowledge, more than two-thirds of IT decision-makers reported a gap between skill levels and the knowledge needed to meet organizational goals. The primary reason for the gap is an insufficient investment in skills development and training.  And now it’s costing companies:

  •      Nearly 40% are experiencing delays in developing new products and services
  •      31% report declining customer satisfaction
  •      27% report a loss of business to competitors
  •      23% report a loss of revenue due to a skills shortage

Senior Market Research Manager Greg Timpany said, “Responses confirmed that skills gaps exist and organizations are having trouble filling positions; these issues are exacerbated by the faster pace at which individuals and organizations are required to adopt new technologies. At the same time, training was identified as a way to address skills gaps and related issues.”

Training may seem like a no-brainer solution to the skills gap, but training takes time, and that’s something that many companies don’t have. Globally, 59% of the respondents to Global Knowledge’s survey reported that business conditions range from growing slowly to significantly improving. This growth, paired with hiring challenges, make for heavier workloads.  Nearly two-thirds of respondents indicated their workloads are challenging, with 40% reporting workloads that are either very challenging or the worst they’ve seen.

These forces—pressure to move to the cloud, a lack of skills to do so, an inability to find candidates who have the proper skillsets, and a lack of time to train existing staff—have many software companies in a quandary. How do you get ahead without falling further behind?

At RightBrain Networks we understand these issues and have developed a process for helping companies move to the cloud quickly and with minimal risk so that you can see a return on your investment and use it to facilitate further innovation. But that’s not all we do. We pride ourselves on equipping teams to take over their cloud deployments and move further workloads into the cloud on their own.

The RightBrain team continually invests in cloud certifications and training. We were born in the cloud and operate as a DevOps organization. We have the experience and expertise to get you up and running in the cloud—not just your systems but also your people.

We would never discourage an organization from seeking training and certifications. But you have to know where to start. Working with a cloud development firm like RightBrain can help you get past the initial questions like which cloud platform do we use and what technology stack should we adopt, to actually running workloads in the cloud. Once you’ve done that, investing the resources in training becomes a lot easier.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call. We’d love to help.