Level Up on Your Cloud Knowledge with AWS Michigan

One of the more challenging aspects of building software for the cloud is keeping up with the innovation coming out of Amazon Web Services. It’s virtually impossible to keep your skills up to date on your own or to get approval for formal training every six months. That’s why we formed the AWS Michigan MeetUp Group. In addition to learning new AWS skills, it gives us an opportunity to get to know other software engineers and talk shop in a relaxed setting.

RightBrain Networks CEO Jamie Begin started the AWS Michigan Meetup Group in 2012. Since then we’ve grown to over 500 members. We meet  once a month in Ann Arbor, Michigan to explore topics related to Amazon EC2, S3 and other aspects of the cloud computing platform. We feature a guest speaker who introduces some aspect of the cloud service.  We even offer up a live stream for people who live out of state or can’t attend the meeting in person.

If you haven’t yet attended or viewed a meetup, here’s an example of what you have been missing:

Our speakers work in the cloud using AWS by day and playing with it by night. Many times, the tutorials and demos they present feature not only lessons learned to date but also outstanding questions that the speakers have yet to address. We create a casual atmosphere in which everyone can learn from each other and network with other cloud professionals.

As we plan our speaker lineup for 2018, we’re looking for new speakers—and that’s where you come in. We’re looking for developers, engineers, students, professors… Anyone who loves AWS. Interested? Drop me a line, and let me know what topic you would like to cover. It’s not only a great résumé builder, it’s also a good way to get your name out there. In the meantime, become a member of AWS Michigan. (Note: If you aren’t in Michigan, sign up anyway. We webcast our presentations live, so you can watch from anywhere!)