Application Development

Application Development

Our applications are used to protect ecosystems in the Great Lakes, revolutionizing the way insurance and financial services are being delivered, transforming on-premise applications into Software as a Service (SaaS), and so much more. RightBrain can help you build awesome too.

Applications drive most businesses today regardless of the industry they serve or solutions they deliver. Traditional models had CTOs, and IT teams spending a bulk of their time evaluating and implementing third party software to help gain a competitive edge on their competitors. Now companies of all sizes are spending a considerable amount of time and money on developing their software to support internal objectives or to enable their customers to disrupt their competition. If decision makers are fortunate enough to have budget and buy-in from the executive team, they still face many challenges in getting the project completed.

Finding the Right People

The largest challenge for many decision makers is where to find experienced developers to execute their vision. In many markets, there are more open jobs than developers to fill them. These factors often lead to the hard choice to overpay, lower expertise levels, or move highly skilled team members from projects to support new initiatives. Each of these choices is less than optimal as they can have a negative impact on the business.

We Build Awesome

RightBrain’s development team is exactly that, OUR TEAM. While overseas outsourcing or short-term staffing are viable options for some companies delivering application development services to their customers, it’s not for RightBrain. Our team of developers are 100% US-based and are full-time on-staff in our Ann Arbor, Michigan HQ. The development team works alongside our engineers, architects, and DevOps team using the agile software development process. By having all the necessary expertise on one cohesive team, RightBrain can ensure the best results for your development project.