RightBrain Networks Achieves the AWS Well-Architected Partner Status

RightBrain Networks (RBN), is proud to announce our attainment of the AWS Well-Architected Partner status. The status recognizes that RBN has the expertise to deliver Well-Architected reviews for existing application …


Self-Healing Applications and Managed Cloud Operations

In the Cloud, if you don’t plan for failure, you will eventually feel the pain of failure. Issues will arise at some point, it’s inevitable. Once you accept that simple …

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Automated Event Analysis with AWS GuardDuty

RightBrain has been using AWS CloudTrail since its release. We welcomed the new service with open arms, as we could finally audit changes and who made them. The detailed logging …

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security

Case Study: Using Managed Cloud Operations to Continuously Improve a Security Posture

This case study details how RightBrain helped a managed cloud operations client harden and continually improve their environment to improve their security posture. The environment needed to meet the Center for Internet …


Case Study: Using Managed Cloud Operations to Innovate & Grow SaaS Solutions

This case study shares how RightBrain Networks used a multiphase project to help a client build, evolve, and ultimately managed their SaaS solution. Challenges The client wanted to deploy the latest …


Self-Healing Legacy Applications

At RightBrain Networks we manage environments for applications old and new. We always strive to build cloud environments to best practices; however, sometimes application changes are out of scope. When …

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AWS Michigan User Group

RightBrain helps organize the AWS Michigan User Group. Check out past industry speakers

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Case Study: State Auto Insurance Companies

Leveraging cloud and DevOps to disrupt the competition


Well-Architected SaaS

Moving your software to the cloud for SaaS can be difficult and costly. Learn why RightBrain is the “SaaS Engineering Company”

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Let Us Take You to the Cloud

RightBrain Networks (RBN) is a complete end-to-end Cloud Development Lifecycle® (CDLC) company. We build cloud applications from the ground up or evolve legacy applications and processes into well-architected SaaS solutions. …