AWS Migration, Optimization, and Automation

AWS Migration, Optimization, and Automation

RightBrain has a very long track record of helping customers get the most out of their AWS investments. Early in the company’s history, we recognized the disruption that AWS was going to create, and the decision was made to form the AWS partnership. RightBrain was among the first firms to become a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and one of first seven AWS Managed Service Partners worldwide.

Our team has been working with AWS longer than many other firms have been around. We have almost a decade of working with customers of all different sizes, verticals, and Cloud Development Lifecycle® (CDLC) maturities, on AWS projects. These unique hands-on experiences over the years have given our team a wealth of knowledge, rarely replicated by larger or newer firms. Below are a few ways we are helping our customers with AWS solutions

AWS Migrations

If you’re considering moving or need help getting to AWS, our team can assist. There are many ways to successfully execute an AWS migration, but there are just as many ways to fail. RightBrain can help you discover which path is best for your business and help make your migration successful. Examples of AWS Migrations include: Moving on-premise applications to AWS and other lift & shift projects Building out AWS solutions to replace or augment investments in other cloud providers Reorganizing workloads within AWS

AWS Optimization

There are over 1200 different AWS service catalog items available today, and that number continues to grow every day. Compounded with the endless number of third party and opensource solutions designed to augment AWS, a team can spend all its time just keeping up on the latest and greatest innovations. Work with RightBrain to optimize your AWS instances and process to help keep your teams running at maximum efficiency and your AWS spend as low as possible.

AWS Automation

Most application and DevOps teams want to spend their time on building or improving their projects. Utilizing automation helps many of our customers maximize their AWS spend. Leveraging automation is a critical stage of the CDLC and can have a drastic impact on a company. Whether you need help with automation planning and consulting or implementation, our team can help.