Use Asterisk to give your cell phone a break while travelling.

If you travel frequently, you’ll often find yourself in an airport, hotel, or eatery that offers wi-fi access. Combined a few other technologies, you’ll be able to use that wi-fi to make and receive phone calls using your company’s phone system rather than your cell. You’ll save cell minutes and your battery, plus have access to the power and flexibility of the company PBX. Here’s what you’ll need:

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Is your computer guy making $13/hr?

In terms of professionalism, network support companies run the gamut. Most any person with moderate computer experience can hang out their own shingle and claim to be a professional–and many …


Your high IQ will kill your startup

I don’t normally like to write “drive-by postings” that merely link to someone else’s blog with minor commentary. However, I believe that “Your high IQ will kill your startup” is one of the most insightful blog postings that I’ve ever read. It’s an excellent reminder that “pride goeth before destruction” and that sometimes we can be too smart for our own good.

Business Random Musings

Rounding datetimes and timestamps in PostgreSQL

A simple PL/pgSQL function to round either a datetime or timestamp value to the nearest N seconds.


Base36 Conversion in PostgreSQL

Using PostgreSQL to base36 encode (and decode) large integers for better human readability. Base36 encoding intermixes letters and digits and is most frequently encountered with URL shortening services and on Dell service tags.


Deploying a Pylons App to Production, Step-by-Step (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this tutorial, I described how to prepare Nginx (along with Apache) to serve a production Pylons app. In this article, I walk you through packaging and …


Deploying a Pylons App to Production, Step-by-Step (Part 1 of 2)

I think there’s a very good reason why the “Deployment” chapter in the official Pylons book is listed in section entitled “Expert Pylons.” Deploying a Pylons app into a production …


Adding a “disable” feature to the Ajax.Autocompleter

Scriptalicious’s Ajax.Autocompleter control is pretty cool. It allows a developer to add a drop-down auto-completion feature to an input box with one line of Javascript and a single div tag …


Rebooted… again.

I’ve been half-heartily blogging for a few years now. Every so often I’ll get the urge, write something, and then leave it untouched for months. I’d be loath to come …