Case Studies

Case Studies

Continental Stock

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company (Continental Stock) has been in business for over 50 years and is one of the top five largest transfer agents in the United States. Their systems are required to be highly secure and available to service their growing customer base. Continental Stock is committed to continually improving their existing solutions.

State Auto Insurance

State Auto is self-described as a 21st-century technology and transformation company not a traditional insurance company. An important part of their company culture is to be at the forefront of innovation. They wanted to leverage cloud technologies in conjunction with a more mature DevOps program to push their organization to the cutting edge. RightBrain engaged with State Auto in two phases for this project.

Leasing Strategies

Leasing Strategies has over 12 years of in-market success with their vehicle pricing and distribution models which have grown to over 1 million units priced every year. A key contribution to that growth has been a shift to providing those models through cloud-based services. The ability to maintain a fast, reliable and scalable solution is critical to Leasing Strategies continued success. RightBrain engaged with Leasing Strategies in multiple phases of this transformation project.