Serving compressed (gzipped) static files from Amazon S3 or CloudFront

It’s generally a good idea to serve gzipped versions of plain-text static assets (primarily CSS and JavaScript files) to web browsers. This can significantly reduce file size, which increases perceived …

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Why an EC2 Instance Isn’t a Server

At Re:Invent, the AWS conference in Vegas last November, Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, made an interesting observation during his keynote address: “An EC2 instance is not a server—it’s a building …

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

List of Current Amazon Linux AMI IDs

Added a new static page to my blog today: A comprehensive, updated list of Amazon Linux AMI’s (the default images are that are used when launching an instance.)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Managing Multiple Amazon Web Services Accounts from the Command Line

I work with a lot of different AWS accounts and am constantly switching between them. I recently hacked together a really simple Bash script to ease a bit of the …

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Migrating an Application to Amazon Web Services: a Developer’s Checklist.

Don’t store persistent data on EC2 instances functioning as application servers. In nearly every n-tier application architecture (not just those in a cloud deployment), the application tier should be treated …

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Python Error Logging to Amazon Web Services’ Simple Notification Service (SNS)

As part of the standard library, Python provides a very flexible logging module that includes the ability to define custom handlers. Commonly this is used to log errors to Syslog, …

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Python

3 Things You Must Know If You Develop on Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great way to begin building highly-scalable, durable web apps almost immediately… er, which is a bit of a problem. If you’re developing applications on …

Amazon Web Services (AWS)