Self-Healing Applications and Managed Cloud Operations

In the Cloud, if you don’t plan for failure, you will eventually feel the pain of failure. Issues will arise at some point, it’s inevitable. Once you accept that simple …

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AWS Michigan User Group

RightBrain helps organize the AWS Michigan User Group. Check out past industry speakers

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AWS Batch

Objective The objective of this blog is to share with the public the excitement I found when doing a proof of concept with AWS Batch. I believe this platform can …

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Team RBN Spotlight – Jason

Jason- Software and Cloud Solutions Engineer What do you do here at RBN? I am a software engineer as well as a cloud solutions engineer. I have a strong development …

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Team RBN Spotlight – Jordan

What do you do here at RBN? I help engineer and implement cloud solutions.  In human words, I assist customers in making their software run (and run well!) in the …

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How to avoid disaster when moving to the Cloud

I recently read an article by Computer World that brought to mind the following— “Which of these five mistakes do you see as being the most common and/or detrimental to …

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AWS Michigan – Logs and Analytics with Adis Cesir

Our next AWS Michigan Meetup will  feature Adis Cesir from Elasticsearch. Adis Cesir is a Solutions Architect at Elastic. Prior to coming to Elastic he has spent 15 years in the …

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How to Move to the Cloud When You Don’t Have the Skills or Time to Train

If you’re having a hard time hiring for your cloud computing projects, rest assured you’re not alone. In its 10th annual IT Skills and Salary Survey, Global Knowledge found that …

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The Benefits of SaaS Transformation for Software Companies

For software vendors, a SaaS transformation is truly that—a transformation. Everything within the company is impacted by the change: sales and marketing, customer relations, investors, customer support and, of course, …

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Meet Our Team – Michael G.

What do you do here at RBN? I work as Director of Software Engineering.  I lead our team of programmers into the forays of web app development!  I spend time …

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