Self-Healing Applications and Managed Cloud Operations

In the Cloud, if you don’t plan for failure, you will eventually feel the pain of failure. Issues will arise at some point, it’s inevitable. Once you accept that simple …

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Self-Healing Legacy Applications

At RightBrain Networks we manage environments for applications old and new. We always strive to build cloud environments to best practices; however, sometimes application changes are out of scope. When …

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Well-Architected SaaS

Moving your software to the cloud for SaaS can be difficult and costly. Learn why RightBrain is the “SaaS Engineering Company”

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FAQs: RightBrain’s Managed Cloud Services, Cloud Success

The cloud has changed many things. One of those is managed services. If architected correctly, your cloud infrastructure should be self-healing and scale automatically, adjusting to load demands without any …

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Introduction to the Cloud Development Life Cycle®

The cloud is not a move-it and forget-it deployment model. Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are continually innovating and improving their services. In order …

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Amazon Web Services Recognizes RightBrain Networks as a Managed Service Partner

From our press release: RightBrain Networks was recently recognized by Amazon Web Services as a Managed Service Partner within their APN Program. AWS announced the new AWS Managed Service Program …

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