Cloud Development Lifecycle

The Cloud Development Lifecycle®(CDLC)

The wide array of methodologies, services, and providers supporting applications in the cloud is growing at a record pace. The CDLC is a maturity framework for the full lifecycle of an application and the many people impacted by it. RightBrain designed the CDLC to help guide crucial decisions regarding application development, cloud adoption, and processes supporting applications like DevOps.

The CDLC can be challenging, as it requires skills and resources that most IT organizations lack. Building and managing a cloud-based application is not the same as a building and managing an application that will run on-premises.

RightBrain maintains a team of full-time in-house: application developers, solutions architects, engineers, and DevOps experts to support your specific needs. We were born in the cloud and functioned as a DevOps organization from day one. That means our clients benefit from the latest innovations, rapid development, and continuous integration and deployment. As your cloud advisor, we are there every step of the way to ensure your success.


The CDLC begins with education, assessment, and strategy which we refer to as an “Ignite.” Our team will collaborate with your team to establish your unique application, IT, and business objectives. These objectives coupled with RightBrain’s assessment will allow our team to provide you with a well-defined strategy for achieving your goals.


“Innovate” is our joint execution of the Ignite strategy. Depending on the agreed upon plan, this can mean one of several things. Some examples of Innovate engagements include a lift-and-shift of an on-premises application to the cloud, optimizing an application currently running in the cloud, or building a cloud-native application that takes full advantage of the cloud provider’s services and features. Either way, our DevOps team works to ensure that the application architecture is customized to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud Success

The last phase of a CDLC project establishes a framework for continuing innovation in the cloud. Our team of AWS and Azure experts stay up-to-date on the latest cloud developments. The RightBrain team meets with clients regularly to discuss how their solutions can continue to be optimized for the cloud and updated for their evolving business needs. The use of agile development practices ensures applications are rapidly developed and deployed.