• Cloud Development Lifecycle® (CDLC)
  • AWS Migration, Optimization, and Automation
  • Application Development
  • Managed Cloud Services & DevOps
  • Well-Architected SaaS
  • DevOps Training and Implementation

The Cloud Development Lifecycle® (CDLC)

The wide array of methodologies, services, and providers supporting applications in the cloud is growing at a record pace. The CDLC is a maturity framework for the full lifecycle of an application and the many people impacted by it. RightBrain designed the CDLC to help guide crucial decisions regarding application development, cloud adoption, and processes supporting applications like DevOps.

The CDLC can be challenging, as it requires skills and resources that most IT organizations lack. Building and managing a cloud-based application is not the same as a building and managing an application that will run on-premises. RightBrain maintains a team of full-time in-house: application developers, solutions architects, engineers, and DevOps experts to support your specific needs. We were born in the cloud and functioned as a DevOps organization from day one. That means our clients benefit from the latest innovations, rapid development, and continuous integration and deployment. As your cloud advisor, we are there every step of the way to ensure your success. Here’s a high-level overview of RightBrain’s CDLC solutions:


The CDLC begins with education, assessment, and strategy which we refer to as an “Ignite.” Our team will collaborate with your team to establish your unique application, IT, and business objectives. These objectives coupled with
RightBrain’s assessment will allow our team to provide you with a well-defined strategy for achieving your goals.


“Innovate” is our joint execution of the Ignite strategy. Depending on the agreed upon plan, this can mean one of several things. Some examples of Innovate engagements include a lift-and-shift of an on-premises application to the cloud, optimizing an application currently running in the cloud, or building a cloud-native application that takes full advantage of the cloud provider’s services and features. Either way, our DevOps team works to ensure that the application architecture is customized to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud Success

The last phase of a CDLC project establishes a framework for continuing innovation in the cloud. Our team of AWS and Azure experts stay up-to-date on the latest cloud developments. The RightBrain team meets with clients regularly to discuss how their solutions can continue to be optimized for the cloud and updated for their evolving business needs. The use of agile development practices ensures applications are rapidly developed and deployed.

AWS Migration, Optimization, and Automation

RightBrain has a very long track record of helping customers get the most out of their AWS investments. Early in the company’s history, we recognized the disruption that AWS was going to create, and the decision was made to form the AWS partnership. RightBrain was among the first firms to become a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and one of first seven AWS Managed Service Partners worldwide.

Our team has been working with AWS longer than many other firms have been around. We have almost a decade of working with customers of all different sizes, verticals, and Cloud Development Lifecycle® (CDLC) maturities, on AWS projects. These unique hands-on experiences over the years have given our team a wealth of knowledge, rarely replicated by larger or newer firms. Below are a few ways we are helping our customers with AWS solutions.

AWS Migrations

If you’re considering moving or need help getting to AWS, our team can assist. There are many ways to successfully execute an AWS migration, but there are just as many ways to fail. RightBrain can help you discover which path is best for your business and help make your migration successful. Examples of AWS Migrations include:

  • Moving on-premise applications to AWS and other lift & shift projects
  • Building out AWS solutions to replace or augment investments in other cloud providers
  • Reorganizing workloads within AWS

AWS Optimization

There are over 1200 different AWS service catalog items available today, and that number continues to grow every day. Compounded with the endless number of third party and opensource solutions designed to augment AWS, a team can spend all its time just keeping up on the latest and greatest innovations. Work with RightBrain to optimize your AWS instances and process to help keep your teams running at maximum efficiency and your AWS spend as low as possible.

AWS Automation

Most application and DevOps teams want to spend their time on building or improving their projects. Utilizing automation helps many of our customers maximize their AWS spend. Leveraging automation is a critical stage of the CDLC and can have a drastic impact on a company. Whether you need help with automation planning and consulting or implementation, our team can help.

Application Development

Applications drive most businesses today regardless of the industry they serve or solutions they deliver. Traditional models had CTOs, and IT teams spending a bulk of their time evaluating and implementing third party software to help gain a competitive edge on their competitors. Now companies of all sizes are spending a considerable amount of time and money on developing their software to support internal objectives or to enable their customers to disrupt their competition. If decision makers are fortunate enough to have budget and buy-in from the executive team, they still face many challenges in getting the project completed.

Finding the Right People

The largest challenge for many decision makers is where to find experienced developers to execute their vision. In many markets, there are more open jobs than developers to fill them. These factors often lead to the hard choice to overpay, lower expertise levels, or move highly skilled team members from projects to support new initiatives. Each of these choices is less than optimal as they can have a negative impact on the business.

We Build Awesome; It’s in Our Source Code

RightBrain’s development team is exactly that, OUR TEAM. While overseas outsourcing or short-term staffing are viable options for some companies delivering application development services to their customers, it’s not for RightBrain. Our team of developers are 100% US-based and are full-time on-staff in our Ann Arbor, Michigan HQ. The development team works alongside our engineers, architects, and DevOps team using the agile software development process. By having all the necessary expertise on one cohesive team, RightBrain can ensure the best results for your development project.

Our applications are used to protect ecosystems in the Great Lakes, revolutionizing the way insurance and financial services are being delivered, transforming on-premise applications into Software as a Service (SaaS), and so much more. RightBrain can help you build awesome too.

Managed Cloud Services & DevOps

Our managed services are backed by an SLA which includes 24/7 support for mission-critical applications. You’ll get a dedicated, 100% US-based engineering team — the same team that helped build your apps and infrastructure. All critical issues are escalated to our on-call engineers. We guarantee a 30-minute response time to critical problems during business hours and a two-business-day response to non-critical issues. If necessary, we’ll provide direct escalation to Amazon support engineers.

RightBrain provides automated, proactive monitoring of all applications and infrastructure. Every production environment spans multiple availability zones and utilizes autos-scaling groups for unparalleled application uptime and performance. All resources are contained in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for increased security and manageability. CloudTrail and IAM are also leveraged to provide audit logging and controlled, per-person access to your application.

We design your AWS deployment to automatically adjust to the number of servers used throughout each day (based on application traffic), so you only pay for what you use.

Well-Architected SaaS

RightBrain uses the AWS Well-Architected methodology for our SaaS services. The methodology leans on five separate pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. Using proven assessments, processes, and implementation methods the RightBrain team ensures your SaaS solution is ready to support your growing user base. We don’t believe all SaaS solutions are equal; our team specializes in helping our customers deliver world-class SaaS offerings to transform their business models and scale in real-time to meet user demands.

Well-Architected Reviews for SaaS Planning

Knowing where you’re at, where you’d like to go, and how to get there can be a big set of hurdles for some companies. RightBrain offers a zero-cost service, called a Well-Architected Review, which helps you answer those three questions. The review has three steps:

  1. A half day on-site review with a RightBrain Well-Architected Reviewer
  2. The reviewer will generate a detailed report for your team which acts as a roadmap to build or validate a SaaS solution
  3. Remediation issues discovered during the review can have their costs offset with an AWS service credit up to $5000

Evolving Legacy SaaS

While not optimal, quickly lifting and shifting older applications into the cloud may be the only option when time and budget constraints are tight. Our SaaS enablement process builds a bridge for your existing, legacy applications to operate in the cloud while you continue to build your ideal SaaS solution.

Custom-Built SaaS

RightBrain can build highly-scalable custom applications from the ground up or work alongside your development team. Your new SaaS application will be faster, highly-scalable, and cost less to run. Our solutions are fully-redundant and able to withstand the failure of a single instance, data center, or an entire region. Please check out our Application Development section for more information.

DevOps Implementation and Training

DevOps is the belief that software developers and operations architects should work closely together to build and maintain applications in the Cloud. This philosophy of shared responsibilities, coupled with an agile software development process, allows us to rapidly develop and deploy your applications and their supporting infrastructure. Understanding and implementation of a cohesive DevOps philosophy is a critical consideration for teams moving their workload to the Cloud. The RightBrain team practices this philosophy every day and can help your teams work smarter in the Cloud.

DevOps Training (CloudLab Works)

DevOps isn’t something you can buy off the shelf and plug into your company overnight. For companies that need basic-to-advanced help understanding AWS, cloud formation and utilization, we offer CloudLab Works. This service is a customizable curriculum designed to boost your team’s knowledge through learning modules, videos and a complete sandbox environment that can be tailored to your company’s unique use of AWS. Our customers often use this offering in conjunction with our DevOps implementation services allowing RightBrain to teach and transition responsibilities at a pace that fits your needs.