Managed Cloud Services and DevOps

Managed Cloud Services and DevOps

DevOps is the belief that software developers and operations architects should work closely together to build and maintain applications in the Cloud.

This philosophy of shared responsibilities, coupled with an agile software development process, allows us to rapidly develop and deploy your applications and their supporting infrastructure. Understanding and implementation of a cohesive DevOps philosophy is a critical consideration for teams moving their workload to the Cloud.

Our managed services are backed by an SLA which includes 24/7 support for mission-critical applications. You’ll get a dedicated, 100% US-based engineering team — the same team that helped build your apps and infrastructure. All critical issues are escalated to our on-call engineers. We guarantee a 30-minute response time to critical problems during business hours and a two-business-day response to non-critical issues. If necessary, we’ll provide direct escalation to Amazon support engineers.

RightBrain provides automated, proactive monitoring of all applications and infrastructure. Every production environment spans multiple availability zones and utilizes autos-scaling groups for unparalleled application uptime and performance. All resources are contained in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for increased security and manageability. CloudTrail and IAM are also leveraged to provide audit logging and controlled, per-person access to your application.

We design your AWS deployment to automatically adjust to the number of servers used throughout each day (based on application traffic), so you only pay for what you use.