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Case Study: State Auto Insurance Companies

How RightBrain, AWS, and DevOps are Changing Business at State Auto

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State Auto is self-described as a “21st-century technology and transformation company” not a traditional insurance company. An important part of their company culture is to be at the forefront of innovation. They wanted to leverage cloud technologies in conjunction with a more mature DevOps program to push their organization to the cutting edge. RightBrain engaged with State Auto in two phases for this project.

PHASE 1 | Ignite

Initially, RightBrain conducted an Ignite assessment; the first of three levels of RightBrain’s Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC®). During the Ignite phase, State Auto’s goals, challenges, and current solutions were uncovered by RightBrain. The State Auto team and RightBrain then developed a vision and roadmap for moving their people, processes, and technologies forward.

PHASE 2 | Innovate

The second phase of the project, RightBrain conducted the next phase of its CDLC®, called Innovate. The Innovate portion of the project was centered on implementing the vision and roadmap laid out in the Ignite assessment. The RightBrain team helped create, teach, and rollout programs to enable State Auto to leverage the newest technologies and DevOps practices in their efforts to continue being an industry leader.


Coming out of the Ignite and Innovate phases of RightBrain’s CDLC, State Auto began leveraging its new-found skills and technologies to revolutionize the way they were doing business. In a short amount of time, the DevOps team began collaborating with other departments to build new procedures and automated processes to reduce the time wasted on manual efforts greatly. State Auto now has the foundation to be significantly more agile to meet the demands of its customers, users, and shareholders. Plans are now in place to rapidly embrace and expand the DevOps culture throughout their business



Company Profile

State Auto, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, markets personal and business insurance products and services exclusively through independent insurance agents in 33 states. Over its nearly 100 years of business, State Auto has grown to have assets of $4.6 billion and write $2.0 billion in premium. Additional information on State Auto can be found online on their site.


State Auto wanted to deploy the latest technologies and methodologies but they didn’t have the resources or cycles on-staff to implement.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to find IT talent. Adoption of new cloud technologies, DevOps, and automation are needed to keep pace.