Well-Architected SaaS

Well-Architected SaaS

We don’t believe all SaaS solutions are equal; our team specializes in helping our customers deliver world-class SaaS offerings to transform their business models and scale in real-time to meet user demands.

RightBrain uses the AWS Well-Architected methodology for our SaaS services. The methodology leans on five separate pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. Using proven assessments, processes, and implementation methods the RightBrain team ensures your SaaS solution is ready to support your growing user base.

Well-Architected Reviews for SaaS Planning

Knowing where you’re at, where you’d like to go, and how to get there can be a big set of hurdles for some companies. RightBrain offers a zero-cost service, called a Well-Architected Review, which helps you answer those three questions.

The review has three steps:

A half day on-site review with a RightBrain Well-Architected Reviewer

Generated, detailed report for your team which acts as a roadmap to build or validate a SaaS solution

Remediation issues discovered during the review can have their costs offset with an AWS service credit up to $5000

Evolving Legacy SaaS

While not optimal, quickly lifting and shifting older applications into the cloud may be the only option when time and budget constraints are tight. Our SaaS enablement process builds a bridge for your existing, legacy applications to operate in the cloud while you continue to build your ideal SaaS solution.

Custom-Built SaaS

RightBrain can build highly-scalable custom applications from the ground up or work alongside your development team. Your new SaaS application will be faster, highly-scalable, and cost less to run. Our solutions are fully-redundant and able to withstand the failure of a single instance, data center, or an entire region. Please check out our Application Development section for more information.