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in the Cloud.

Running your business in the Cloud means faster product improvements and releases and a better customer experience. Get everyone in your organization closer to your customers by deploying the right Cloud-based tools and resources.

RightBrain Networks can provide your team with a battle-tested strategy to bring your cloud initiatives from whiteboard to reality. Then we’ll build and manage your applications and infrastructure as well as transfer our knowledge to your team.

We Build Awesome

We engineer our SaaS products to immediately scale up or down in response to fluctuations in traffic and self-heal to withstand the failure of a single instance, data center or an entire region. We can also SaaS-Enable your existing applications to work efficiently in the Cloud.

Our applications are currently protecting ecosystems in the Great Lakes, helping law enforcement categorize evidence and tracking professional atheletes’ performance on the field.

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What We Do

  • DevOps and Cloud Training
  • Managed Services




RightBrain Networks consults across organizational boundaries to bring everyone closer to a common goal: better serving your customers. Each cloud strategy is custom-developed by our engineering team to deliver resources that lower IT costs and improve organizational performance.

We were among the first firms certified as an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner and one of only seven AWS Managed Service Partners worldwide. Our experienced team can help you navigate the abundance of AWS tools available for your business.


SaaS Enablement

The SaaS Enablement process builds a bridge for your existing, Legacy applications to operate in the Cloud. Your SaaS Enabled application will be faster, highly-scalable and cost less to run.

Custom-Built SaaS

We also build highly-scalable custom applications from the ground up. All of our applications are fully-redundant and able to withstand the failure of a single instance, datacenter, or an entire region.

DevOps and Cloud Training

Understanding and implementation of a DevOps philosophy is a critical consideration for teams moving their workload to the Cloud. RightBrain engineers practice this philosophy every day and can share their experience to help your teams work smarter in the Cloud.

For teams that need basic-to-advanced help understanding AWS, cloud formation and utilization, we offer CloudLab Works.

CloudLab Works is a customizable curriculum designed to boost employee knowledge through learning modules, videos and a complete sandbox environment that can be tailored to your company’s unique use of AWS.

Managed Services


Our managed services are backed by an SLA which includes:

24/7 support for mission-critical applications.You’ll get a dedicated, 100% US-based engineering team — the same team that built your apps and infrastructure.

All critical issues are escalated to our on-call engineers. We guarantee  a 30 minute response time to critical problems during business hours and a 2 business day response to non-critical issues. If necessary, we’ll provide direct escalation to Amazon support engineers.

We provide automated, proactive monitoring of all applications and infrastructure.

Every production environment spans multiple Availability Zones and utilizes autos-scaling groups for unparalleled application uptime and performance.

All resources are contained in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for increased security and manageability. CloudTrail and IAM are also employed to provide audit logging and controlled, per-person access to your application.

Because we design your AWS deployment to automatically adjust to the number of servers used throughout each day (based on application traffic) you only pay for what you actually use.

How We Do It

Our Philosophy: DevOps

DevOps is the belief that software developers and operations architects should work closely together to build and maintain applications in the Cloud. This philosophy of shared responsibilities, coupled with an agile software development process, allows us to rapidly develop and deploy your applications and their supporting infrastructure.

Our Process


If you’re developing a Cloud strategy with us, our engineering team will perform a thorough assessment on your existing applications and infrastructure and make recommendations to get you Cloud-ready. If you’re developing an application with us, we’ll help you define project goals, set a timeline and then start building.


We manage projects in two week cycles called Sprints. Each Sprint ends with client feedback and a list of future action items. Sprints allow us to dig into your project right away and provide you with regular progress reports. We begin with Sprint Zero which is our exploration of your application or infrastructure to assess weak points,functionality and any security concerns.


Who We Are

Not everyone here writes code. Our client services team draws on diverse backgrounds in business development, web design, technical writing and IT security to support the engineering team and manage our vast project load.

Our team of software and site reliability engineers collaborate to rapidly develop and securely deploy custom applications to the public cloud.

RightBrain Networks does not outsource any work to an offshore “B” team. We are 100% based out of our Ann Arbor, Michigan office. From inception and development to deployment and maintenance, your application will stay with the DevOps team that built it.

An early adopter of DevOps, Jamie Begin leads the team with more than seventeen years of professional experience in internetworking systems engineering and application

He currently holds seven industry certifications and is experienced in supporting open source, Windows, and cloud-based solutions as a proficient software developer in a variety of programming languages.

Founder of the AWS Michigan user group, Jamie has used EC2 since the beta in 2006 and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

He speaks regularly about DevOps and consults on proposed technology curriculum for the CIS Advisory Committee at Washtenaw Community College.

Relying on cuteness and a limited vocabulary, Elise Begin is responsible for team morale and making sure our office is kid-friendly.


We’re looking for risk takers, big thinkers and those with true grit. We tackle projects that challenge our creativity and spark our curiosity every single day.

Careers at RightBrain Networks include:

Kickass teammates Unlimited vacation time Project variety Competitive salaries Extensive benefits package Cool workspace Flex schedules Continuing education opportunities Chicken wings

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Client Stories

Infrastructure That Guarantees the Party Never Stops

“Constant reliability and zero downtime are essential for to be successful. We support millions of extremely passionate music fans in +190 countries around the world and they expect us to be running without a hiccup 24×7.” – Alex Reinlieb, CEO & Founder of


Software That Protects the Great Lakes

“The real issue is that we don’t fully know the scope of this problem. What we do know is that the Internet provides an efficient pathway to traffic invasive species.”
– Erika Jensen, Great Lakes Commission Project Manager

Great Lakes Commission


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